Creative Dice Single D&D D6 - Mood Dice (1PCS/SET)

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Creative mood dice can change various colors by temperature, leave it on the table alone, you will find it is a different dice from day and night because it can feel a slight temperature shift. It also changes faster when you touch it. No one knows what the next color will be. If you can catch the shift of the color changing dice, please let us know how many colors it will have and your skills about rolling it.

Also it is another innovative design in the dice world from DNDWoW. The dice fit lots of different role playing game systems, from the classic and highly popular Dungeons and Dragons, the 2nd edition of Pathfinder, Savage worlds, the latest Call of Cthulhu and many more.

Main Features

> Dice can change many colors you can't imagine

> Another original and innovative dice design

> Use unique harry potter style wizard number font

> Nice weight and great rolling feel

> Included velvet dice bag

Nice Reminder: Please roll the mood D6 on the dice tray or keep it in velvet bag when out of role playing games, and please try your best to protect it from dropping to any hard surface and damaging its luxurious mood coat.


size: 0.54inch


Note: There will be errors due to manual measurement.


Package List

1. 1pcs Mood D6 Die

2. 1pcs Velvet Dice Bag


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