I have to be honest, I hadn't been that familiar with Dungeons and Dragons until I was 25 years old, I heard about it from an American friend accidentaly. Ever since, i was really curious about why he was so obsessed with his D&D games. Then my friend taught me how to play it and now I can't stop!

The brand name "DNDWoW" really comes from my first experience, “dnd, wow, it is amazing.” I've never been that good at making any incredible story for my games. But I have some expectations about the rpg dice i use while playing games, and, i'm very lucky that my brother has a factory which can bring my ideas for great dice, to reality! My career started out as my hobby at such a normal pace. Now, it seems to be my destiny.

Every player cares about the quality of their dice, things such as balance, a good size, nice appearance and durable material, so do I. To roll a better die, I have become a real designer and producer of dungeons and dragons dice. The feeling is so awesome when the dice i have imagined are actually produced, one batch after the other.

DNDWoW is dedicated to your ideas, if you are also interested in designing dice, free to talk about it with me, be a part of our mission to make the best dice!

I do hope all role playing gamers who roll our dice can say “dnd, wow” some day, here we go!