Blood Red Skull D20 Metal Dice


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This idea of skull dice has been kept for long until we find a very popular artist called Nymonyrya and make the skull D20 true. The Big Skull d20 metal die is suitable for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder , Savage worlds, the latest Call of Cthulhu and many more.  

Main features
> The Spooky Skull Design. Imagine that you are walking on a dangerous bridge across a dark chasm to a looming castle, the dusty timbers creak and on rotted post supporting rattling chains, black skulls glaring at you with blood-red eye. The skulls are waiting for you to enter their trap! 

> This is one of the most physically intimidating dice we have ever made, nothing compares to a 31mm heavy metal die in your hand, when you land a pair of these on the table, it sounds like the thundering hooves of the four horsemen of the apocolypse have arrived! Any larger than this and its going to cause genuine concern from the authorities. 

> Bloody Red Skull Dice

> Numbers are Easy to Read. The red background and black numbers are very easy to read.

> Skull Style Numbers. We created an original number font that compliments the overall spooky skull theme, because little details matter more on dice of this size.

> Super Durable! The die-cast zinc alloy dice will last you and your kids a lifetime:)

Tips: These dice are Heavy Metal Monsters, please take care and use them on a dice tray or protective surface. While the dice surface is nicely rounded to prevent scratching and improve hand comfort, they are so massive they can dent wooden table surfaces and break glass if used recklessly.

D20=1.23inch (Measured from Face to Face)
Weight: 0.24lbs

Note: There will be errors due to manual measurement.


Package List:
1. 1pcs Red Metal Skull D20 Dice
2. 1pcs Dice Box

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