Welcome, Every Role Playing Game Players!

Posted by Jim on 11th Sep 2019

Hello everyone, welcome to DNDWoW Dice World.

You can customize your dice set here, and you can share your exciting experience of role playing games on our facebook and dndwow group. It is not free, we shall have some campaign very soon, there will be some prizes for you! 

If you have any good ideas of rpg dice, don't hesitate to talk about it with us, we can tell you whether it could be done with current technology. You will be the designer for the cool dice. Enjoy creating in dndwow world!

As for the price of DNDWoW dice, don't hesitate to buy it, we offer 15 days price protection, and please feel free to contact us for price difference coupon or extra rpg accessories if some items are on sale after you ordered. Enjoy rolling dndwow dice!