Glow Orange Metal Dice Set - Glow Stone


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Comparing with other common glow in the dark dice sets, this dice set can glow on the numbers and it can glow very fast even after absorbing the strong light in some seconds. You will be impressed by their glow performance.

These dice set are suitable for call of cthulhu, dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, shadow run, savage worlds and more you can imagine.

Main features

Fast to Glow Orange in the Dark - Put these metal dice under the strong sunlight or strong light for only some seconds, it can glow in the dark very easily.

The Numbers are Easy to Read – The numbers stands out in the "stone" dice background and there are some grids patterns in the numbers to make the numbers very clear to read.

High Quality Metal Dice Set Collection- Wanna a stone dice set? This is not made by stone but it has stone apperance. and last longer than stone dice.

Great Rolling Feel and Dice Balance - These dice are made of full metal, and keep the classical simple style. Furthermore, no harm to your hands when rolling them because every tips are curved.

Portable Velvet Dice Bag Included - You can keep the metal dice set safe in the dice bag and take it wherever for role playing games.

Size: D20=0.81inch, D12=0.75inch, D10(00-90 and 0-9)=0.63inch, D8=0.63inch, D6=0.62inch, D4=0.7inch
Weight: 0.37lbs

Note: There will be errors due to manual measurement.


Package List:
1. 7pcs Glow Orange Metal Dice Set
2. 1pcs Dice Bag & Paper Box

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