Metal Glitter RPG Dice Sparkling Under The Sun - Inspiration (Gold Glitter)


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DNDWoW glitter royal gold dice is one of fashional dices, it sparkles under the sun and it is easily inspired by the surrounding light, you will see it seems with red, gold, orange or others. you can't tell it very percisely. It seems a character has multifaceted personality, but you are sure it is wisdom with various luminous points.

These dice sets are suitable for popular Dungeons and Dragons, the new edition of Pathfinder, Savage worlds, the latest Call of Cthulhu and many more.
You may also want to purchase sets of individual dice types, such as groups of ten sided for Vampire the Masquerade or six sided for Shadow Run, just let us know and we can put together the exact set you need.

Main features
> The 7 piece metal polyhedral dice set includes one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, one d6 and one d4.

> Unique sparkling royal gold color. The gold dice maybe shinning with a little red or orange under the sun.

> These use our magic lightning number font. These numbers are really easy to read and they look fantastic!

> The great rolling feel is an often complimented feature, as well as the 100% assurance of perfect dice balance.

> We care about your foot safety, these sets have rounded tips, no need to fear that four sider on the floor any more.

> Super durable! These die-cast zinc alloy dice will last you and your kids a lifetime:)


Size: D20=0.77inch, D12=0.67inch, D10(00-90 and 0-9)=0.58inch, D8=0.56inch, D6=0.54inch, D4=0.68inch
Weight: 0.26lbs

Note: There will be errors due to manual measurement.


Package List:
1. 7pcs Metal Dice
2. 1pcs Dice Bag

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