Big Silicone Battle Mat for RPG


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This battle mat is designed by AJ, we have taken about 18 months to make all perfect. When you touch our battle mat, you will love it and use it for every future role playing games. Why? 

1. Easy to draw map with any marker pens and even common greasy pens.

2. Reusable forever, simply wipe any marks off, clean with a damp cloth or eraser. 

3. Perfect for gaming and hobby crafting. 

4. Super portable, just roll or fold it as you wish

Tips: 1.When you choose the glow green in the dark battle mat, you will find it is very interesting and amazing when you play the games in the lighting room, if lights are off, your mats are glowing bright green in the dark for long. The common light or the sunlight can charge it and make it glow green in the dark, the longer the mat is charged, the longer it glows.

2.The white is pure white and not transparent. The glow green in the dark mat is about 30% transparent and the translucent mat is 50~60% transparent.


1. Size: 33.07*23.62*0.05inch 

2. Weight: 1.69 lbs 

3. Color: Whitemat/glow green in the dark mat/translucent mat

4. Material: Silicon 

Tips: Glow Green in the dark mat is white normally and will glow bright green in the dark when absorbing some light.

Package List: 

1* battle mat 

1* free silicone stripe

1* Big Pocket PVC zip Bag 


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