Sharp Edge Resin DND Dice Set - Red Blue Flame

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These dice sets suit lots of different role playing game systems, from the classic and highly popular Dungeons and Dragons, the new edition of Pathfinder, Savage worlds, the latest Call of Cthulhu and many more.
You may also want to purchase sets of individual dice types, such as groups of ten sided for Vampire the Masquerade or six sided for Shadow Run, just let us know and we can put together the exact set you need.

Main Features

  • Handmade Sparkle Resin Dice Set — The dice blends popular red and blue in one set and there is built-in sparkles. 
  • Sharp Edge DND Dice Set but Polished Well — The edges are straight and smooth, it is the same goes for the face.  Every detail is manual sanding and polishing. 
  • 7-Die Polyhedral Dice Set with Gift Box — They will be gifted dice choice to players for campaigns or friend's birthday.
  • Great Rolling Feel — This dice set is a bit heavier than ordinary round-edge dice, and the sharp edge help the dice stop for a number better.
  • Enlarged Numbers are Easy to Read— The enlarged white numbers stands out in the red blue dice set.

Size: D20=0.87inch, D12=0.76inch, D10(00-90 and 0-9)=0.67inch, D8=0.68inch, D6=0.68inch, D4=0.82inch 
Net Weight: 1.3oz

Note: There will be errors due to manual measurement. 

Package List
1. 7pcs Sharp Edge Resin DND Dice
2. 1pcs Purple Round Metal Gifted Dice Box & 1 Free Velvet Dice Bag


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